Blyth > Wongyarra (108km, 5h10)


Here they are, Matt and his girlfriend (I forgot your name so you need to contact me guys and I will correct this mistake. Leave a comment down there, so I will have your email :-). Thinking more about that now, I should accept your offer and enjoy more time with you. You seem to have a pretty enjoyable life and lots of free time to discover the world! I like this :-) Anyway, you are going to contact me soon :-) Thanks again!


Blyth Cycling



Hop, on the road again.


Houuu, a blue tongue lizard in a middle of the road. I should move it move he die.

Hey! don’t look upset like this, I’ve saved your life (if you don’t come back on the road later on).


I’m cycling through tiny town along the way. They look pretty much all the same with their large main road often cutting the town in two pieces.


I feel I’m back in time :-)


The sun is low already and I’m going to stop soon.


I’ve hesitated to stop in that village, Wirrabara, but I’ve got some energy left to get to 100km today. Let’s do it!


And this is it for today. I’ve seen a hall on the side of the road and this kind of park. This is my spot :-) Good night!

2 thoughts on “Blyth > Wongyarra (108km, 5h10)

  1. I thought the blue tang lizard was full tummy when I saw the first photo. Then I saw the video, he was trying to scare you away. :-D

  2. Bizarre cette langue bleue, sur le coup je pensais que c’était une de ses proies, mais bleu ?? Dis donc c’est de plus en plus la pampa, c’est sûr ça fait de la place pour camper !

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