Bangkok > Ratchaburi (120km by train)


Today I’m on the way back to Ratchaburi and its countryside, finally! I did not hate Bangkok but more I travel, more I feel a stranger inside those big cities where everything you can do is consume products and yourself. I’m happy to be and the train again :-)



That an efficient aircond system :-)


Let’s go for another two and a half hours. Luckily, the train that left at 10am was as cheap as the first way and cargo.


I should have took some tuk-tuk pictures during my trip to Bangkok. I did not see any a part from the capital until now.


Nice to be able to feel the air outside


This company is enrolled in a huge project. I presume this is an highway that will bring millions of people in the city every year. Bangkok is gonna be even more crowded than now.


Look at the size of this future highway. That crane looks tiny compared to these massive concrete dominos.


I’m back to Pita’s home. Miss Satang is happy to see me again :-)


Oh sorry, Satang, Nina and Nino are happy to see me again ;-) Tomorrow and the next few days, I will keep working on Pita’s Adobe House. We will wait for Kate and Grandin, the other two Thai cyclist I’ve been travelling with from Singapore to Malacca. They are coming from the north and will cycle until Chumphon. They should be here in three or four days. That means I’ve got few extra days to work on my blog too!

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