Ao Nang, Bloggy day off


Nothing Special today. Since three days now we are still working on our blog. I’ve worked on my pictures, some simple video editing and the maps. That takes a very long time and it’s far to be finished. Anyway, two days ago we’ve met another cyclist :-) His name is Clement, from France too. He has been touring for the last 16 months from France to here (obviously). Of course he has a blog (in French). He is writing very well so if you feel like reading some good French, better that my poor english, have a look :-)
About the picture of the day now; Since we are in Ao Nang, in Krabi area, the prices for food a more expensive. We spend all our time in that bloody cold starbuck cafe to work. Each time, we buy the cheapest drink or piece of cake possible and stay for few hours until our stomach tells us to eat something. Eating here would be handy but far too painful for our wallet. After few days here walking or cycling around the same streets, we found some good places where to get some cheap food. Most of them are situated at the next beach called “Noparrat Thara Beach”. Other there, there is some honest places where to eat some nice Thai food.
This actual place on the picture above is situated just between those two beaches. The prices are honest (like 50 baht for a meal and 30 for a drink). Better than the 250 or 350 Baht for a burger on the main touristy street of Ao Nang! The atmosphere here is very rural and relax. There is the road, along it, several ambulant kitchens and behind few tables. The kitchens are a side car scooter with a roof and all the stuff in. There is not much space around but it’s nice, colourful and people are happy here. That’s all we want :-)
Tomorrow we are back on the road (normally). This time, the next target is Phuket. I did not want really to go there at first but my friends, the team with the wonderful sailing boat I’ve met in Darwin and then in Singapore are now in Phuket! That’s interesting how we keep bumping to each other even if they travel by sea and myself by bicycle :-) See you there!

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  1. Hello Damien tu vas mettre le pied, voire la roue dans l’endroit le plus touristique de la Thaïlande : Phuket !! Vu que la saison est propice pour cette catégorie d’animaux à deux pattes en mal de plage et de cocotiers, je pense que tu vas te régaler ! (humour caustique !). Je suis allée sur le blog du cycliste que tu as rencontré, Clément. Vraiment très bien écrit, détaillé, expliqué. Son ressenti face à ses populations indienne en recherche de bonheur spirituel est très bien exprimé. En même temps il faut avoir le temps de lire, car quel lyrisme ! J’ai bien le “nez à mufle”, tu pourras le lui dire à l’occasion ! Il faudra qu’il édite un livre à son retour, avec les photos. Mais j’aime bien tes explications, courtes, et drôles !

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