Alice Springs, fixing stuff around


Well, today is not the nicest day as I’ve done some paperwork and organisation. I’ve been to the bank to find out why my money disappeared. The woman told me to call the fraud service which I did. They cancelled my debit card and will track how this money disappeared. Then I’ve been to the Tax Office to see if everything was ok as I did an amendment 6 weeks ago to modify something on my tax lodge. It took me one second to make this mistake and 2 month to correct it. Governments are the same everywhere… Fortunately everything is in order now.
Finally I went to the bicycle shop to see the guy who will receive my parcel from France. He is a nice guy and will call me when he will get it :-) All is in order now, I can come back to the campsite and enjoy some free time. Tomorrow I will come back to the bank first, book a tour to Uluru and Kings Canyon and will visit Alice the rest of the day. See ya!

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