Ninety mile beach camp > Rarawa beach (49km, 3h20)

This morning, wake up at 6.30am to catch the sun rise. Unfortunately the sun goes up on the opposite side of the beach so it will be for another time… But we can take some pictures. These clouds are giants!

Then, finally ready at 10h30, we are going to 90 mile beach. There 4 entrances all along the way. The next one is about 20km, then 30km and finally 20km. We aren’t at the beginning, there is already 20km behind us. But we have a little problem : the tide is too high now so we can’t use this way. After a check to the reception we decide to take the main road and john the beach later.

We are coming around Pukenui and the wind is quite strong. We are riding toward the north west and the wind comes from the west so it’s really annoying to be almost against it rah! We can see Houhora Heads just front of us.

After something like 50km we quit the main road to join the one of the DOC camp. We discover a wonderful beach with white sand! Fiou!

These camp have just toilet and cold shower, that’s it, nothing else. And we have to pay by ourselves : put the money is an envelope and then put in the metal box. The price is very interesting because it cost 6$ only :-) but the cold shower will cost me the life I think hahaah:-).

Maybe you think I’m crazy, No I’m not! if I compare to Peter. That’s his “tent” : a peace of sheate. I feel like I will sleep in a 5 stars hotel with my tent haha:-)

For tonight, we are really in the wild. It’s remained me Iceland (vestman islands) so nature, so quiet, so peaceful, perfect:-).

It’s time to visit around. A track goes directly to the beach, go! :-)

The sand is so thin!

Big things :-)

That’s a protected area some rare birds live here.

Is name: Tuturiwhatu pukenui. This bird is funny. He stays almost always no the ground and run “the head in the handlebar”.

Is name : Toreo Pangeo.

Ooh, Aahaaa! The beach…:-) That’s it for today. Tomorrow Cap reinga in reality!

4 thoughts on “Ninety mile beach camp > Rarawa beach (49km, 3h20)

  1. Wouah ! So amazing pictures. And you’re in winter. It will be gorgeous in summer !! This place looks so peacefull. Ah, I miss the sea. You can stay for hours without any move in front of those marvelous sights. Good luck for tomorrow, you’ll reach your goal :). Say hello to Petter. Where is he come from ?
    See you later in words !

  2. Hey !! This place is so peaceful… and i loved some of the photos.. looks a little bit like huge plage de bordeaux in the begining of the road but the place is so different once you are near the see.. with birds cutee !!

  3. Hello Max, you are right, that’s marvellous :-). Today it’s like 23 degrees, I don’t want to imagine summer :-) so hot!
    Peter is come from tchek republic. See ya :-)

  4. I should had have a bigger zoom to take a better picture of the birds. Maybe, next time, if I work before, i’ll by a new camera :-)

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