Rarawa beach > hiii haaa Cap Reinga > Tapotupotu ! (70km, 4h30)

After exactly two months here I will finally reach the top of the top of new zealand, something I’ll never forget.

First point, eat:-)

Second point, help a French couple to take off their car of the mud. Yesterday night they find a place but it was a wrong place… Finally they find somebody to help them. A man came with a big tractor and the job was done in a minute :-) bloody French!

it’s the time to reach the final point. The road is very hilly but good. We can see no the west coat a huge sand dune maybe bigger than the one near Bordeaux.

Wonderful view of the Tasman see!!

And and and we are approaching…:-)

Yes it is:-)


And closer

And…HERE I AM!!! After about 780km, I finally reach my first goal. That’s a strange feeling. 2months waiting for that moment and now it’s real. Wouhaaou!

More than 18000km from london youhou?!! can you see me?

the pacific

The clash between
the see and the ocean. The waves comes from everywhere whouooo!

I don’t want to come back now. I feel sad like I leave something behind me and I willl never see it again… Maybe it’s true, maybe not.

Now, direction to Taputaputa Bay to sleep. It’s a DOC camp as well so it’s cool, free and beautiful :-).

The cold showers on the left and the toilets no the right. Theses big tubes protect toilets against the gaz I think.

So green, so nature!

I hope I’m allowed to walk here because it will be so easy to find me… I thought it was a river at the beginning but white a closer look it’s not. That’s the sand white sand we have seen before.

And the last picture of the day:-). Now a good meal and at 8pm sleeping! Aaaah Cap Reinga I won’t forget you :-)

5 thoughts on “Rarawa beach > hiii haaa Cap Reinga > Tapotupotu ! (70km, 4h30)

  1. waouh Damien, your photographs are touched me like that I wait for something me so ! Your joy was perceptible on your photo, and your sadness also !

    What is the program now ? return to Reinga cape ?

  2. bravo pour cette première étape que tu t’es apparemment fixée !!!! bravo bravo t’es vraiment le fou furieux qui n’a peur de rien de la famille !!! mais c’est ce qui fait ton charme !!! ;-) profites à fond et bonne 2 ème étape !!! ( si tu pouvais préciser en quoi elle consiste d’ailleurs ça serait top ;-)
    plein de gros bisous du nord de la France !!!!

  3. ahahha :DD it is just wouvv!!! these photos are also nice!!!!!!!! it must be the nord nord of the N.Z… et la fin, tu es la.. maintenant a quelle season est la? as tu commencé déjà de descendre vers le south? there is not any camping place near the cap reinga so you leave there so fast or you stayed couple of days?

  4. Hello, in fact it was a really strange feeling to quit Cap Reinga. I wanted to go fast, I don’t know why.

    Now, my plan is to come back to Auckland (I have no choice) by the west coast. The landscapes are really quite different, it’s more rocky. I’ll see:-). I’ll stay maybe some days in Auckland and I’m going to continue my way back to the south island by the east cost this time or the west I’m not sure yet. I have to check the winds. Maybe Sakouna should help me:-).

    That’s my plan ! I will put the map of my actual trip since Kerikeri.

  5. Hello Cagda :-). Yep that’s the end of the end of new zealand and it’s still winter (I think) but the weather is nice. There is nothing else to do here so, we are coming back now. But you’re right, we should enjoy sometimes and stay on the same place a couple of nights. But when we start travelling, it’s like it’s so difficult to stop. I don’t know why?! :-)

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