Woolgoolga, hey! my phone is back! but…


As I said yesterday, yes I received my phone after two months and what happens is the team who repaired my phone didn’t really take care much. After changing the damaged piece the person re-assembled the phone and squeezed the join towards the jack entry. So now I can charge my phone but I cannot use my earplugs… There is always something wrong with that bloody mobile or what?


I’m not gonna send it anywhere again. I’ve been searching in internet, hehe now I can :-) to learn how to open my phone and I found a very useful website called ifixit.com. Very good one, clear and well explained.


So here is the piece of rubber which was squeezed in the frame if the phone. Fortunately it’s no damaged. Now I can carefully put everything back together and it will be fine. Bloody it service repair!

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