Woolgoolga, fired because I wanted to work

Hello, I’m still trying to upgrade my website and I should have a bit more time now because as it says above, I don’t have anymore work and I’m gonna explain why now.
Since a month I used to work for the cucumber’s place in the same area of the blueberries farm because they belong to the same family. Everything was fine until the day I came back to work and nobody was there. Because I used to be the firt one each morning and the rain came, I started working. This was a mistake. Then I texted Paul when the job was done but he didn’t expect me to work. But he didn’t tell me to not work as well and the previous day we started a job that we did not finished so I had no reason to think this was a day off.
After this event Paul did not contact me anymore so the next day I came up to the farm and ask to the blueberry manager if I could work. They had something for me and they enjoy my job rapidly because, as every time, I was doing my best.

A day later and during last week, we worked on a new block which consisted to plant a whole set of new blue berries trees. Jack kept asking me if I was going to work again with Paul at the cucumber place but I had not any news. He threw me away without saying anything so now I’ve got a job and I’m going to keep it.

Then, yesterday, suddenly, Paul came back to me with a text :

  • “We are working tomorrow. Start at 6:30 am. See you at the shed”.

What!? Now I have two jobs in the same time but I don’t want to leave one just because somebody else call me after a silent week. So I called Jack to explain my problem and he told me that he counted on me for tuesday at least. Then I text Paul back :

  • “I can work tomorrow but not on Tuesday. Jack count on me and I don’t want to quit like this because you call me back suddenly. He also promised me work for the next month. I could work for you some days when I can, if you need and you want”.

Few minutes later, I received a message again

  • Paul : “I have just spoken with Jack. there is no longer any work for you. You do not need to turn up to our farm anymore”.
  • Me : Now I can see clearly that I respect people when you are not. But you are right, we are ONLY backpackers. I’m wondering who is rude now… (referring to a day when he told me that French was rude when they talk).
  • Paul : I’m happy you understand this time (I like the “this time”). Thank you for your time.

And that’s it, just because he didn’t like the way I acted (I wanted to work), Paul locked me out of the farm. Unfortunately his parents (the real blueberries boss) wasn’t here so they could not judge. But I know they liked my job. Anyway, I’m in holiday again and new projects are coming up. John, my dear friend, tried to put me in a web project so I might stay in Woolgoolga for few more days or weeks.

3 thoughts on “Woolgoolga, fired because I wanted to work

  1. Hey Damien! You can always fine a job, stay positive :-) Paul does’nt realised that he lost a good work. That’s his lost… Aha! :-)

  2. Grrr !! Finalement le fait que les australiens n’aiment pas les français semble ne pas être une légende. Donne moi l’adresse je vais leur écrire moi à Jack et à Paul, non mais !! Traiter mon fils de cette manière, ils vont voir de quoi sont capables les françaises ! Lol. Non, je rigole Damien ! Ils sont nuls et ne se sont pas rendus compte de ce qu’ils perdaient. En même temps, c’est surement un mal pour un bien, je suis sûre que tu vas trouver bien mieux a à faire et mieux payé !! On ne baisse pas les bras, d’acc Damien ?? Je te fais confiance, et au moins tu vas pouvoir continuer ton voyage et faire de nouvelles rencontres plus intéressantes. Gros bisous

  3. Truc de dingue ton histoire ! T’as rien demandé, tu te retrouves demander a deux endroits à la fois et au bout du compte il te vire car t’as voulu rester honnête envers jack ! Bon c’est pas bien grave, t’as une bonne étoile qui te suit durant ton aventure ! tout va rentrer l’ordre, T’es Dam’s la débrouille ou non ? !!

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