Woolgoolga, Cucumber picking


Hello! It was a long time! No I don’t have my mobile but I almost finished to do the stuff I needed on internet so today I take a session to show is my new job because yes, I have got a new one, even two! The cucumber picking :-)


We work in a greenhouse, a tube, a hot tube! So to avoid the heat as much as we can we start picking at 5:30am right at the sunrise. We pick every two days because they grow really fast. With three green houses, we get between 500kg and one tonnes of fruits! crazy!


Let’s have a look to the evolution ;-) This is the flower.


Which create a baby cucumber.


Which becomes a bigger one.


And we should pick this today or in two days maximum because then it will be a baseball bat!


That the trolley of the death! haha :-) We sit between those trays and slide down to the end.


Everything is clear? Ok I’m gonna work now, see ya!

2 thoughts on “Woolgoolga, Cucumber picking

  1. Ah enfin quelques nouvelles photos. Elles vont m’inspirer pour notre futur jardin ! Lol. Et c’est quoi ton deuxième boulot ?
    Gros bisous, et bonne cueillette !

  2. Cucumbers rock koby loves them . Great to hear from you ! Surfing in morning need beauty sleep or will need some cucumber slices!

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