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Hello, now with my new job I’ve got time every two days to do something else. I’m thinking about working in another cucumber farm with an opposite rhythm so I could work everyday. But now, today, this is holidays. John is going to Coffs Harbour today and I’m coming with him because I need to go to the bank. And this is a good opportunity to visit around. John knows many history so I’m learning Australia history :-) This is cool!


Firstly we are going to buy, hmm John is going to buy some mangoes. This is the end of the seasons and many of them get some dark point that the market doesn’t want. So, for ten dollars, we get a full box of them!


This is john’s car :-) He bought all is car from government auction. Now he look like he his the prime minister haha :-)


Here we are :-) The lady is really nice and John, not coming for the first time, talked to her about me already the last time he came here. I’m famous and I don’t know it haha. We had the chance to taste it. Apparently this kind of mangoes are different and many people don’t by them because they want the famous one. But these are delicious! Actually the best I’ve ever taste. Miam!


Hey! this is for the first time Jhon! :-) Eighty years old and more dynamic than some eighteen years’ old one mouhahaa.


John is always talking, and to everybody. At the petrol station, the supermarket, in the street… :-) He is full of energy! I was really lucky because the lady even offered me one big mango, I’m sure more than one kilo. It’s so yummy!

3 thoughts on “Woolgoolga > Coffs Harbour, A trip with John

  1. Bon appétit Damien, et pense à nous en dégustant ces fruits que nous avons sur nos étalages mais qui ne sont pas mûrs et sûrement pas aussi goûteux !!

  2. Slt mon pote !

    On dirait que tout roule pour toi ça fait plaisir de te voir en pleine forme et avec du travail !! De notre coté ca va ! RAS ici ! Aujourd’hui déjà un an qu’on a quitté la NZ pour l’OZ ! Nostalgie nostalgie ! Tu nous manque en tout cas !! Profite bien et prend soin de toi !!
    Bisous !!

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