Woolgoolga, Cleaning the future cucumber green house


Hey, I’m updating, slowly… Today we are a big team of six workers : Patrick (Canada), Maroon and Alli (France), Dany (the boss), an Australian worker (don’t remember his name…) and me (of course). We are gonna prepare the next green houses because the cucumbers crops have a three months life. So before the first lot die, we need to start the second one so we could continue working and more! First step : cleaning.


Aaah! it’s better isn’t it? It took us one day with Dany to reach that step. Now the maxi team is coming ;-) We are actually putting new bags. We could not use the old ones┬ábecause they could keep a disease.


Alli and Maroon going to work soon :-)


Outside we feel the back we that special stuff.


Then we plug in the water drops in each bag to provide water to each plant.


like this :-) Then everything is automatic. Every certain time, the water comes and keep the plants happy. Next step, put the seeds en wait… hahaa. very hard ;-) That’s it for today :-)

2 thoughts on “Woolgoolga, Cleaning the future cucumber green house

  1. Great to see you r mobile again. All us great here koby has taken five strokes of his golfing game handicap has come down also tied first in surfing too. More chickens now . Life on Chatsworth is the same keep well and keep up the good work with everything you r doing!

  2. Very interesting information! They don’t get grown in the ground these days.
    Lots of work to set up.

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