Wellington, first tour

I met the others, Stella, Thomas, Vinz, Shanna, Thomas, Rob, Christian, Leïa and Mathilde :-) They are visiting the botanic garden together but I need some time to set my tent and arrange my stuff. I will go later. Now, I having a little turn of wellington.

All along the harbour there some bars and restaurants.

The building style of wellington, not really special but OK.

yes, there is some good places but not for my wallet :-)

Big boat.

Some old building style are mixed with modern ones.

I’m continuing all along the harbour. It’s like Disneyland here :-)

This picture is conplecate but in order there is : the walkway, a boat, the The Papa museum and then the rich houses on the hill :-) can you see all?

Some crazy guys jump here, OK…

Yes, definitely, I prefer wellington, it’s greener.


I’m still cycling along the harbour and I’m getting closer of the expensive houses :-)

Cute boat garages :-)

The view of the harbour where I come from.

The view on the other side with the swimming pool. I should go later.


Stylish modern houses

That thing is a panel of a bar on my left but it’s more interesting that the bar itself :-)

That city is windy!


I was on the other side sooner this afternoon :-)

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