Waimauku > Auckland (31km, 2h)

Today is the day when I finish the first of my two loops but the second one will be a little bit longer… Just a little bit…
Finally the Northland region was just a warm up, a test to verify if I’m capable or not to do it. My 20 days of cycle and 70 camping days didn’t discourage me so I’m ready to ride and to visit all the rest of New Zealand!

Now, I’m somewhere around Auckland following blindly my gps. The most difficult now is to find the way without enter in the motorway. I chose the “walk” direction  on the GPS so I’m really visiting haha!

Yes really! Where am I going?

I’m in the city sure! Or maybe not…

Cool! They are making the path just for me. Hoo! It’s so kind of you, you shouldn’t :-)

I finally found my way back to my fist camp : Avondale motor park. Nothing changed i’m always the only one who camp but there is little bit more activities than before. So, to celebrate this day… A good chinese HOT meal :-) miam!
I was cold today on my way back to the city. It’s cloudy and windy, brrrr! Where is the hot winter here? Tomorrow, day off!

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