Upper Mongogarie, fixing ‘my’ door + shelter upgrade

Hey, today I’m working on that door and it has a story. 5 French used to work in this house a month ago and one day, to play, they enclose one of them inside this room. Then this guy just smash the door and broke it… isn’t that silly? After that he had to repair the door of course. He put a new one but it was too long and to wide. He painted it like a pig and drop some paint on all the surface. And finally he didn’t put any handle because he work was crap. Where is the respect? Far away I think…

When I started using the tools to plan the door, its blade was done. Ok… so I changed the blade and then it was unbelievably more efficient. Why nobody tried this before? Because they don’t care, ok…
Now this door fits the frame and I can paint it properly :-) But I still have to find a handle to finish the job :-)

Then with Jamie we ask what was the next project. It’s the chicken cage on the front garden. But we need space. Kiff tell us to put the pipes stuff inside a shelter, in the back garden. But this shelter is full. If we clean this one we could have more space and then take the stuff from the front of the house to the back and then start the chicken cage. Do you follow? :-)
So we just finished to empty it and now let’s start making shelves in that shelter!

… and measure everything to make a good job like everytime. With Jamie we care when we work, this is the most important thing.

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