Twizel > Lindis pass > middle of nowhere (95km, 5h, 800m)

A new cycling day is starting. It’s cloudy but perfect for the road we have to do because we are going to reach Lindis pass situated up to 800m. Leo did it already from the other side and told us that it’s not so difficult. We will see :-)


One more beautiful sunrise :-)

Before take the road we stop few minutes in Twizel again to get enough food for the next 4 days.

That’s the main place of the town with all shops and bars around.

As usual there is a looong straight road which is slightly going up hill.

The first break after 20km plus a cereal bar :-)

We are now entering in the valley.

It’s already going up hill but difficult to see it in the picture.

The Lindis pass is front of us!

And that’s it! 30 minutes ago maybe, we were with David at the end of that road. Now we are up to an hill to verify were are Mathieu, Charlotte and Leo. They certainly took a break but they might be here soon.

On the right hand side, the road is reaching the top.

The other side of Lindis pass with a looong downhill. David looks so small :-)

Fixed view video!

Panorama video!

Charlotte, David and Mathieu. Where is Leo? Now it’s our guide because he knows a gods place where we can stay for the night. Tomorrow the forecast announced rain so should be better if we could find a good spot. No more pictures for today but we finally found the place that Leo was heading for. We are just next to the river so we took a shower again :-) we are really clean these last days haha :-) it’s cold but it’s good! Good night :-)

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