Freshwater > Tully (return), working with Martin and Josh

Martin proposed me yesterday to come and work with him and Josh. I’m actually spending all my days front of his computer making his and Paul’s website. It’s a good idea to get out of it for a day

First site, well, the job is done now but when we arrived there was high grass all around the fence, even inside. Josh and martin put some product days ago so it was easier to cut.

This is Martin :-)

Hey :-)

Second site, this time I take a picture before.

The cool thing with this job is grass is like hair so they are going to come back here one day.

Josh preparing the tools.

The second cool thing is because an antenna must be on a top of an hill means the view is nice :-D

Even very nice!

This is a small site as said Martin. It’s not a big job but it has to be done.


We are on our way back looking for some banana fields (for me) and places to visit like here.

This is an old castle (not difficult to see) made by a spanish guy.

It’s stylish with the palm trees.

And it’s next to the river. He made one of the first dam to produce energy. Am I right Martin? I’m not sure about that.

The visit is very short because it’s the free part of it.

Martin, josh and me :-)

And we continue our way back.

This BIG container is part of a sugarcane factory.

We are gonna stop in this small village and have a drink.

Very old OZ stylish building.


The view from the café.

Wow! A sugar cane train is actually passing through the village.


This train is small but it’s very very long.

Dry sugar can.

Then we stopped to “blablabla” falls. I don’t remember the name because I’m writing this post one month later…

This is a natural slide. Let’s try :-)

Martin first.


Fiou! It’s fresh and very nice.

Josh doesn’t want to swim so he is the photograph.

Ok, let’s go. A last look to that wonderful “blablabla” falls.



The path.

Martin and Josh walking back.

Woooh! This is a bad tree.

Under each leaf there is thin spikes.

If you get too close and you touch that you gonna suffer many days.

Back in a car.

Looks like it’s going to rain.

But this way is fine :-D

Aloomba Hotel. Martin expected to stop here but today nothing happens. Normally there is music group and many people but not this time. Let’s come back this time. It was a good day :-)

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