Takaka > Marahau (64km, 4h20)

Today looks much better than yesterday and I’m ready to go. I’ve cleaned my chain (again), cleaned and repaired my big yellow bag (there was a small hole on the bottom). All my clothes are dry and clean, even my shoes :-) All my electronic stuff is charged (tablet, kobo, GPS, camera, solar battery, Gopro, shaver) and I’m clean and shaved! I think I’m so ready to climb the Takaka hill today! Let’s go!



Ah… I was outside of the city when I’ve realised that I’ve had forgotten those things… So, now, let’s go (again)!

Is that mountain Takaka? Oops…

I had two days off of rain so we are fine now ok?

I’m enjoying the last bit of flat road before Takaka hill starts.

Here we go.

Would be even better if there was not any clouds to cover the horizon.

I’m getting there. Maybe some more few of these and I will reach the top.

Come on sun, get through this!

Arrived to the summit :-)

From now it’s down hill!


Hoooo, I like this side of the hill :-)

Panoramic view.

And I finish the day kind of under the rain… I have to find a nice spot for now and see how the weather evolves. See ya!