Somdet > Somdet Park (14km)


This day is one of the shortest trip I’ve done. 14km! In fact, I did not go very far this morning because it was pissing rain. I waited for a bit but the rain went on so I decided to pack my stuff and move under a shed nearby to dry everything. Once I’ve done all of that, three women who came to offer food to the monk and eat there as well invited me to eat some food too. Finally I decided to come back to the same Amazon Café as yesterday and cycled few more kilometres late this afternoon.



Elevation (a bit useless for today I guess :-)


The night was good but it rained quite a lot.


Good morning :-)


Ow! there is a swimming pool underneath! I didn’t expect that!


My flips flops are leaving me. Come back!


Mmmh, ok, I will move the bike under this shed, then pack the hammock and finally the roof. Then I will wait there until the rains stops or at least becomes me quiet.


I picked up the worst spot yesterday night. I’m in a bowl.


Okay, the first step is done. Now I just have to wait for the rain to calm down and for the roof to be dry enough. While I was waiting, reading, I’ve seen 3 women coming to offer food to the monk. They actually stayed here (they are on the right side out of the frame). After a while, one of them invited me to offer the breakfast. There was lot’s of very spicy dishes so I avoid them, ate the rice and the sardines which I knew was coming from a can. I didn’t want to make the same mistake again by eating some unknown fish :-)

Later on, the rain stopped, my stuff was 90% dry, I was full :-) I decided to come back to the same café as yesterday as it’s so close to here and the clouds was still hanging around. I don’t mind. I need to go slow anyway because I’m waiting for a parcel to get to Bangkok and I don’t want to arrive before it. In that case, I would have to stay longer in Bangkok and living there is not cheap. I prefer largely taking my time in the countryside and sleep for free anywhere I want.
Let’s have a Litchy frappé at Amazon café, one of the cheapest nice drink I can get (45baht > 1.13€ > $1.75AUD). The prices vary between 40 and 65. A cheap meal is about 30 to 45 baht so yes, Amazon is expensive.


After 6 hours spent at Amazon, I’m back on the road again. I’m so tired haha. I’ve done 3 to 4km since this morning :-) Let’s see how far I will go tonight. The next PTT petrol station being 41km away, If I do 10 to 20km tonight I won’t have to do much tomorrow morning. Easy, easy :-)

Finally, I’ve done only 10km when the rain started again. A minute ago, I saw a big park along the road with a shelter in it. I did a U-turn quickly and came back there for the night. The spot is nice :-) Good night!

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