Smithfield, working one day… hmm night…


Hey ;-) it’s such a long time I didn’t touch this blog. Rah! I’m not serious… I’m still living with Martin and Yoko in Freshwater next to Cairns. We have fun and Martin make connection with all his contact and friends to find a job for me. Actually I have more work that I need but sometimes I would need more experience and skills to complete some of them. I’ve finished partly the website of Martin but I would like to make a mobile version has well. Anyway, we are cooking bread, pizza, crepes and have bicycle tour around. Few days ago we played badminton with Martin and Marco. It was fun! And too hot.
Finally yesterday night I’ve worked with Travis from 5pm to 0pm. It was a shooting inside a display house that people visit to get an idea before they build there own one. I was there to retouch on live the pictures that Travis took. This house is gigantic and so luxurious. I don’t envy this life but it’s interesting to see that fancy world. How people can buy this?!

4 thoughts on “Smithfield, working one day… hmm night…

  1. Hi Damien Happy Sunday! Still with Martin and the family and its good to know that your having fun and enjoying cooking, you make us hungry about your CREPES our favourites its very tasty and yummy! And of course its good that your working. :-)

    Our weather here not that good its been raining since Friday so kaila and I stuck at home but we try not get bored so we just have a girly day. :-)

    You have a good day and take care!

    1. Hey Maila :-) Thank you for your message. Yes we have crepes here and I always thinking about you when I make them because you was the first person I cooked for :-) like always.

      You can make some. Try again! This is the recipe for you ;-) :
      1/ break 4 eggs
      2/ mix them with 500ml of milk
      3/ add a pinch of salt
      4/ then add progressively flour until the texture looks like mixed yogurt.
      5/ the finale : cook the crepes fast and with maximum power.

      Roh! I’m hungry now!

      See ya Maila :-D and hello to Ramai and Caila :-(

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