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Another mission today! I went with Vic doing some shopping at the Mustafa center situated in Little India. This place is open 24h and apparently it’s cheap. We have been cycling there and you definitely know when you arrive next to that supermarket. There was thousands of people walking in the street. On the other side of the road, there is an empty area with grass. Here more and more people was sitting on the grass waiting for I don’t know what. Vic told me that they are workers but it was actually 4pm so I don’t really understand why they are waiting here now. We found a place where to park our bicycles. I was not really reassure about leave my bike here but well, I did not too much choice.


We crossed the road and try to get into the shopping center. The first entrance was closed by security guys. We got to another one, same thing. What the hell is that shop. You can even enter in it! Finally we could find a real entrance. Outside the shop, next to each entrance, there is a counter where someone uses zip ties too close each bag we have.
We are in, unbelievable! The aisle are very narrow, that first floor is dedicated to perfume, deodorants, soap and other beauty products. I wish I would take more than one picture (the rest comes from google images, free reusable images) but you cannot stop walking here. People are everywhere and very relax. This endless queue goes through the shop like this. Mustafa center is huge! It has two basements and five floors.


Look at that picture: on this aisle, they only sell rice. Actually, there are three like this plus the one front of me, behind Vic. Vic asked to someone to choose for us because we had no idea which bag of rice to take. David said “take the best one, and ask to someone if you cannot find it”. For sure we cannot decide!

Vic had a shopping list but it’s going to take a looong time to find everything. Firstly we looked for batteries. It’s on the second basement. We passed through the first basement and that was quite impressive. There was only jewellery shops. Gold everywhere! Then we walked back up and through the first, second and third floor to get the food. Then we went down again to get some soap and finally at the top to find some wrap paper. That was not the best itinerary and we spent finally 2 hours wandering around. I suggested Vic that next time we should do a list regards the floor’s number. That way we could start from the top and finish at the ground floor ready to go out. This place is crazy!

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  1. I have never seen that many kind rice at one place. I can’t choose by myself, I need someone to help me!
    Many races of Asian, many types of rice….

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