Singapore, another simple day around


Nothing really special today. I’ve just done a bit of cycling in the city. I might woke up a bit too late today. David and Vic went outside and I was alone in the house. Around 11am I decided to cycle around the place and go to Chinatown to have some cheap food. The buildings are a bit different in this area and it’s very colourful.


This is the room where I’m staying. Nothing fancy, only the necessary.


David loves Bicycle :-) He told me he used to have more than ten bicycles before.


That’s the front of the house. Actually, this is more the neighbour’s front garden.


My bike and trailer and safely locked to this metal frame.


Let’s have a visit around. Nice to cycle along the water.


Again, more “green” buildings. This is nice that Singapore keeps integrating the nature within the buildings.


I’m now around the Chinatown area. The “cardboard” building is actually in the same area not very far from here.


Some sculptures around.


Both the Indian and Chinese District have this kind of decoration covering some parts of the roads. That way, it’s very easy to remember where you are :-)


Butterfly, fish, chicken, rabbit, pineapples, etc…


I don’t know if it’s original but it’s a nice design.


Last time, when I was looking for the bitcoin machine which is in this area, I discovered this food centre. Like this others, the food is between $2.5 and $6 for a meal. That’s a good deal.

After that, I came back to David’s place. Everyone was there. We had dinner and watch another movie. That’s a simple day.

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