Siem Reap, reorganising space

This is the room for the staff and definitely there is some organisation to work on. It’s dirty, messy, smelly and the space is so wasted. I’ve got few ideas and the first step is to put some stuff out to be able to play the “push-push” game :-) Let’s start!

There is so much useless stuff all around…

Seems like there is some spare part to fix toilets and showers. That could be useful.

I cannot even open the door in the toilets. What have they done?!

Few hours later…

There is still useless stuff here but at least we can access to the sheets and the cleaning products which was the goal of today. Darlene, the cleaner will appreciate this I hope :-)

Before there was a pile of broken mattresses here and we could not reach the window. It’s a lot more functional now :-)

And all the sheets, sorted, in order by color size and shape :-) The big pile at the top of the furniture are the stained sheets. We will have to call a company for those one I think.

Now the toilets look almost like all the other one. I will have to do another good clean later but compared to before, there is a huge difference. The more it’s dirty and messy, the better I like ;-)

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  1. Sorry I still can’t get to sleep that’s why I’m here! I’m glad that VPN can work this time maybe it’s late, early in the morning! What a great job you have done here! That’s a lot!

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