Sidoharjo > Sanggrahan (89km, 5h)


Today the plan is to cycle along the Waduk Gadjah Mungkur lake (on its western side) and then turn west again to reach the area of the Prambanan temple that I will visit tomorrow. I stopped for a short break this morning and had some of the Sate Ayam that the people I met yesterday gave me. I realised very quickly that I was next to a school. The students were waving their hands at me, shouting “hey mister” from this other side of the road. One teacher or surveyor managed to keep them inside the school but they were coming closer and closer to the road. I was nearly grabbed in to take pictures with the students. The english teacher asked the questions and explained to the students what I was doing, where I was going. This was a kind of real time english lesson for them.



I left Sidoharjo early this morning. I’m ready for a new day.


20km later I reach the city of Wonogiri. From here, I will head south along the lake.


That’s Wonogiri on the background. The road was quite hilly to get there!


And this is Waduk Gadjah Mungkur lake. It’s not a special lake from what I know and don’t know. It’s just nice to travel next to water.


Over a bridge.


As I explained in the introduction, my break time ended in a primary school. One of the student had the good idea to ask for a signature on his handbook. Ten seconds later, twenty students had the time to run in their classroom and come back with an handbook. I think they would not let me go until I finished to sign each of the books haha. This is my first experience of this kind. Fortunately I’m not a “star” haha.


Back on the road.


And still looking at the lake when I can.


Most of the warung here rely on the lake’s fish.


There is piles and piles of different kind of fish mostly fried.


And I cross another bridge. I like where that truck is parked. Right on the edge!


The view on the other side of the bridge is very nice. Every surface of the ground is used.


I’m crossing another river and same result, the river banks are fully exploited.


Lunch time!


And hour later, I left the warung and looked for a place where to have a nap. Less than 5 minutes later I found a football field and at the end of it, a kind of space with trees where to set up my hammock.


So good to have a nap like this.


Around 3pm, I came back on the road. I did not know but I stopped just before a 5km uphill, then 5km of up and downs and finally a 2km downhill to arrive here on a flat area.


Nice mountains on the background.


I’m not far to the highway now and expect to find a pertamina gas station to have a shower.


But before there is dinner!


This one a mie (noodle) something and it’s very good :-)

Few minutes after dinner I’ve reached a Pertamina gas station, had a shower and look on google satellite view a place where I could have a quite night. I thought a nice place would be next to a river with trees. I found that 1km later. Too easy :-)

3 thoughts on “Sidoharjo > Sanggrahan (89km, 5h)

  1. The noodle looks yummy. Is it chicken again?
    You are using full length of the hummock. I was just amazed, because It won’t happen to me.
    I love the riverside farming, too. Bottom farm might go under water when wet season comes.

  2. Hi Damien, cool experienced for you very educational for the young children and they are fascinated by your pesonality and for them you are a Star aha! Very nice photos and the food yummy!

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