Rachaburi, visiting the pagoda Phra Prang Wat Mahathat (30km)


When Pita offered us to visit a Pagoda she said “it’s very old and not nice, do you really want to visit?” haha, we said “yes! of course, sounds good :-)” We hopped on our bicycles and started the tour. This temple is actually a new one. Well the original was built 1000 years ago, then destroyed partially, then finally restored 700 years ago. I guess the white patworks have been added along the way to maintain the Pagona in a decent shape.


Next to the pagoda, there is a more common temple. Its particularity is that it has two Buddha who are sitting back to back. The meaning is they protect the city almost in every directions. They used to be black but people kept covering them with tiny piece of gold paper. Few years ago the temple spent 3.000.000 Baht to finish the gold coverage! Wow!


This is Buddha’s footprint. Size 230 haha :-) Same as the Buddha, the base colour is black. People who come here to pray can buy or take (I’m not sure) a tiny piece of gold paper and stick it wherever they decide. But in that case, many people chose the same spot… Weird…


Another view of the Buddha brothers.


This one is on the way to shine one day too.


We finished the visit of the temple and we walk now towards the pagoda which is part of the same area. Nice decoration though.


That’s the temple. If I had a wider angle lens I could fit everything in the frame but that’s not the case. Rah! In Japan, I will buy a new one! I’ve got time to think about this haha :-)


The other side is much brighter.


Aaalmooost everything fits from here.


One more :-)


Around the main pagoda towers there is dozens of seated Buddha. They might protect the place or represent every monk who has been living or passing across this place. No idea…


Temple hidden behind greeny plants.


Close up in the pot.


Same but different.


Hey, we can get to the top, the view must be cool.


Ah no, ok… There is just a tiny room with another two Buddha here.


I told Pita “We know when we arrived but we don’t know when we will leave. Stephane could stay all night here to get the shot he wants.


The last one of the day and then we came back to Pita’s place for dinner :-)

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