Ngijo > Kediri (97km, 5h20)


Today is not as tough as yesterday. I’ve spent maybe 40min on a hill this morning and all the rest of the trip was mainly downhill. For lunch I’ve stopped in a rest area which was next to a lake. The warung was specialised in prawns so the meal was a bit more expensive than usual. Then I had a nap of two hours in my hammock next to a river. It was fantastic :-) Finally I made my way to Pare where I’ve stopped for dinner and expected to find a place to sleep around. But I got lucky again! I met Maria and her family and they invited me to stay in her house for the night. How lucky is that :-) Let’s discover this day right now :-)



This is the beginning, it’s around 5am, the sky becomes wonderful.


When I arrived yesterday night I did not see this huge mount!


Hammock view.


The sky still changing.


My temporary tiny house and huge garden for the night :-)


Early this morning when I had started to pack my stuff, some guys arrived already. What are they doing at 5:45am here? I found out quickly, the guy in the little truck is learning how to drive. He drives in circles around the field when his family is watching and giving him some tips each time he comes back to them. They don’t seem to bother about me being here…


I’m slow this morning. The sun is warming up the place already.


This was my spot for the night. I’ve struggled a bit yesterday night to find two trees. Firstly I chose between the one on the right side and the piece of bamboo at the end of the fence. It did not work… When I sit in the hammock the fence felt down haha. The problem is that all the trees is are on a perfect line but there is a fence between them so I had to choose a corner. The first corner was the entrance, the second was next to habitations, the third one was too closed to a smelly river so my last chance was this one. I must find a solution. To be able to attach the left side to a tree I had to extend the rope using my clothe line. Finally I slept with the head lower than the feet (which is normally the opposite) and the clothes line kept extended itself. In fact it not made to resist to human weight. It was not the best night I had though. I will do better next time :-)


I’ve finally left my garden, cycled less than an hour and stopped for breakfast. I’ve been travelling through twon until the beginning of the hilly road so now I know where to go without checking the GPS every one minute.


Since I’ve been travelling from Bali I’m using a mask. The traffic is so dense here and I don’t feel good breathing all that shit.


Let’s start the climb!


40 minutes later I’m nearly on the top.


A bit of downhill is a good thing. I can dry :-)


Sky, mountains and fields, this is Indonesia.


Wow, I’ve got a good view from here.


I will arrive very soon to this village I guess.


The traffic is quite dense on this road especially because there is only one.


Down the hill, I’m now in the village where I’m gonna buy some fruits.


This bridge seems to be precarious.


I haven’t been following the river many times. It’s agreeable.


Some culture take a good advantage of the water.


It’s nearly midday now and it’s hot. I’ve found this place just on the side of the road.


The river is flowing just behind this big tree.


A guy other there is actually cutting some tall grass in the middle of the river. I don’t know what is for.


Let’s have a good nap here. I’m in the shade, not too close to the traffic and next to the water. Perfect to have a good rest.


That nap was really good. I slept nearly two hours! Now I’m looking for a place where to eat.


This area is nice.


I found a rest area where there is a lot of people and a lot of warung. Hard to make a choice.


Each warung had the same kind of food so I entered in the first one I’ve seen. They cook prawns from the tiny tiny one to the bug one. It’s good.


I’ve been cycling for a while now and it’s getting dark. This rest area offers showers to travellers. That’s a good opportunity to be clean again. Then I must cycle very slow to avoid sweating again.

Maybe 20 minutes later I stopped in a warung to have my dinner and search where I was going to sleep. I’ve met Yon and Rizal who invited me to sit next to them. I’ve ordered my food and we had a chat together. That’s cool. Yon and Maria speaks enough English so we can understand each other. Very quickly Maria asked me if I wanted to stay in her home. She said she lives 20km from here. Arg! 20km! I did not expect to cycle that much tonight. This family seems very nice so I’ve search the itinary to her home and we exchanged our phone number. We left at the same time but I knew I would need 30min more than them to get there. Anyway. I don’t mind to cycle at night because this time I know I’m not going to have to search a spot for the night.



Fortunately the road is flat all the wway and mainly straight. I’ve got a nice sunset front of me :-)


Wow! Where am I? In Paris? haha. This place is huge! Soon I will be arrived at Maria’s place. See ya later!

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  1. Hou là ! Napoléon est venu en Indonésie tu crois !!! Bon, il faut croire que des conquérants il y en a dans tous les pays. Sympa ton installation pour la sieste, franchement ça donne envie ! Pas trop de scooters pour troubler le bruit de l’eau de la rivière ?

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