Neutral Bay, my first serious job in Australia


Hello! Hey you know what? I’m finally work seriously as a web designer and making money a bit faster than fruit picking :-) I finally found a contract job through an agency. It’s situated in Neutral bay, the same place where I had my second appointment few days ago. This is good :-)


We are actually working in a house. The team is composed with 7 persons.


I’m downstairs eating where they have reunions.


The TV corner.


You know who.


This is upstairs. In order from the window. The boss, the marketing with one person, the print area with three person, the video with one person.


And my new place :-)


On both side they is big wide windows.


Next to me use to be a developer but the guys left few months ago. That’s it, this is my new environment for few weeks and maybe more.

3 thoughts on “Neutral Bay, my first serious job in Australia

  1. Hi Damien, Congratulations! You have got a job as you planned.
    It looks like very nice environment to work in!

  2. Hey Damien ! Well done! your office look nice and tidy and you know what ? You look like the big boss! aha!
    Enjoy your work! :-)

  3. In all jobs you can make many faster than fruit picking ! lol However it was a really good experience and finally it’s a good memory !

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