Napier, rainy visit

Today, there is nothing to do… it’s raining and I’m getting bored… I finally decided to go out, visit the city again and try to take some rainy pictures.

Middle of the afternoon, before the rain…

Here we go!

It’s difficult to take good pictures when it’s raining.

Black and white is easier.

I need training!

Spiky shot <^v^>

Flowers are easier as well.

Oh yes :-)

Hotel entrance.

Bar place.

No more pictures but a good surprise few minutes after that. I was walking on the street, looking at my pictures and for the next interesting place when I see Ben! What?! We worked together in Kerikeri in July/August and now we are in the same place again haha :-). New Zealand is quite big but things like this happens really often. And Francesco, an Italian guy is around too. We worked together as well. Crazy!! :-)

2 thoughts on “Napier, rainy visit

  1. Hi Dam!
    Very nice pics! You’ve got the eye! Especially the beautiful cat hiden in his blue mattress! :-) Mignoooonn!
    I hope the weather will be a litter more better! So what you can go on with your bike!
    So fun that you joined your friends of work!
    In Paris is quite imposible find a person you know in the crowd ;-) even if you send to the person a rdv (but where are you in Chatelet? I can’t see you! Houhou!lol)
    I whish you a lot of surprises like these! So cool!
    Have a good day Damien and see you soon! :-)

  2. Hi Marie, Thanks, I’m training ;-)
    This cat (truffle) is really cute but plays with my tent and makes holes everywhere inside, grrrr!
    The weather should be better and better and the work starts soon normally.
    Yes, you’re right it’s not like Paris where it’s so crowded :-)
    See you later Marie and enjoy :-)

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