Napier, no work yet, means : cooking time !

Actually, everybody is cooking all the time here :-) We make pizzas, pasta, bread, cakes, everything! It’s nice and we share our recipes and impression. So today, I’ve time and I would like to make some bread :-)

The dough is finished and I have to wait to hours more.

Oooh, it’s getting nice :-)

Rah! Too late! I’ve already tasted it before the picture… hmm, quite good :-)

2 thoughts on “Napier, no work yet, means : cooking time !

  1. Hello Dam !
    après les croissants, le pain! Tu apprends vraiment toutes sortes de métiers en Nouvelle Zélande ! Max a l’expérience, il va pouvoir juger ton travail ! lol. Remarque, lui, il triche, il fait tout avec son robot !

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