Napier > Cap Kidnappers (return) (53km, 3h + 5h30 by walk)

Today is a sporting day. Wake up around 7.30am we are going to visit Cap Kidnappers with Rob, Christian and a last minute guest, Julia. We will go by bike with Rob during Christian will hitch hikin because he doesn’t like the free bike of our backpacker.

We were ready at 9.30am when it starts raining… Since one week now the weather is like this… Tomorrow should be fully sunny but now we are ready and because weather change so fast, we don’t have any guaranty for tomorrow, le’ts go!

New Zealanders are totally free to design the shape of their houses. That one is like a wave.

We still have some kilometres to ride before walking for 5 hours or more.

Reflect landscape

Ok, we are not exactly on the shortest road but there is beautiful houses here :-)

Is it “pâques” or an artist?

We have almost done the first 27 “kayz” of our daytrip.

Here we go! The beach walk starts. We are a bit early for the tide because the water is coming down now.

I can’t believe that cars, buggy or whatever can ride to the end. Maybe those rocks felt down last night!

Some parts are messy.

We have a long way to reach the Cap.

These rocks have a looooong story :-)

But THIS mountain has a longest story!

It should be interesting to have guide with us.

We are about halfway and now, only now, topless bathing is permitted… OK… way?

My new tripod is working :-)

In order, Rob, Christian and Julia. Christian met Julia when he was waiting for us at the start of the track. Julia is travelling toward the more actually up to cap Reinga. I know this place :-)

This cliff is impressive! During high tide, the water comes against it so we must respect the timing if we don’t want sleeping somewhere. It’s intimidating, the nature’s power.

The birds :-)

I hope it’s not only that because I was expected more! Were are the others?

These birds are called :

The visit is not finished yet but we have almost walked 2 hours already. We should accelerate a bit!

Cap Kidnappers is there. Captain Cook called this cap like this because when landed here, Maoris tried to kidnap one of his crew.

Cool, we are not lost :-)

Whouooo! Now it’s time to go up hill!

Where are the birds? Finished? No more?


Aaaah :-). Finally :-)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

Fiou! Too much! Cap Kidnappers is one of the places where we can see the biggest group of those birds. I’m lucky because during November, the birds are making their home so all the colony is present.

Ready to take off :-)


There is a wonderful view from here!

Cap kidnappers!

There is another group down there, I’m satisfied now :-)

Macro flower picture.

Ooh yes, a good lunch break :-)

Before coming back, I would like to catch some closer pictures.

Like this :-)

Or this one.

It’s really nice to be close of the birds like this.

The last one!


Cap kidnappers, last shot.

And now… the way back… aie aie aie

Here we go!

Gannet beach adventure. 25$ for that tour… Maybe just the way back should be a good idea but I’m not sure they propose that.

Sliced picture.

Now the tide is low and we can walk on the beach but it’s looong.

Some people use a stylish car to visit the site.

Hey, the tractor :-)

My feet are painful and I’m almost happy to have 27km to do by bike!

Come back on the same way as last time from Te Mata Peak. This day is difficult but the visit was interesting.
For dinner, I’ve cooked “bibimbap”, a traditional Korean meal and it was delicious :-). I know I’m in NZ but Korean food is hmmm! And now, I know how to do it :-)

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