Napier, Aqualodge groups

Hello, today I tried to organised a picture time with everybody of the backpacker. Since one month, we are living all together and I thought it was a good souvenir to have picture with everybody :-) And to be a bit more complicated I asked to every group to write something in their language with the translation, so we can learn :-)

So we start with Germany, the biggest group :-)

And then England! Hey in fact, Rob is alone :-) after New-Zealand Rob is heading to Australia. We are going to see each other Man :-)

And Italy with Riky :-) Ricky is THE traveler. She is doing that since 8 years now! Whouaaou, you are my master Riky :-)

And Netherland, they just arrived today but no problem you are welcome :-)

And Canada with Shean, Mateo and Veronique from Quebec, I like your accent Vero even if I don’t understand you sometimes haha :-)

And California :-)

And France with Arnaud, Philou, Thomas, me, Shanna, Thomas, Vinz, Alex, I don’t remember (shame on me), Stella and Leia.

And New Zealand for sure! With Natalie and Jarhead.

And Thailand :-)

And then, China plus Taiwan. Wenshan (in the middle) didn’t want to be alone haha. Jammie, one the left side is eating, just for the picture, good Jammie :-) Gina, perfect!:-)

Jarhead, the ‘star’ of the backpacker :-)

And Japan with Manami and Mai… And Jarhead who likes pictures :-)

Manami is not happy. “Jarhead” are you from Japan?”

Finally, Japan

The crazy sisters from Hong-kong. Kylie and Karis, always smiling, happy, do you have a secret?

A bonus picture! Jarhead, Thomas and “you know who” ;-) And I wanted to take a picture of everybody but a part of the groups left already… So impatient to lay down on couch… I will try to take the picture from everybody else. Thank you everybody :-)

2 thoughts on “Napier, Aqualodge groups

  1. Hello Damien,

    Alors là, c’est une performance ! Arriver à réunir tout ce monde, par groupe avec chacun son petit mot c’est une bonne idée, et quel souvenir! En fait, c’est un peu l’Auberge Espagnole votre histoire, c’est sympa comme tout ! Gros bisous

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