Mossman > Daintree > Cape Tribulation (76km, 4h10)

It’s 8am already and everybody is still asleep. After a night like yesterday I understand. I slept quite well even if the night was short. My idea was to move earlier than usually to avoid the hot temperatures of the day but I can’t go without say good bye. Anyway, I can start eating my breakfast and then I will decide what to do. 20 minutes later I ear some noise inside. The sisters are awake and soon I see Stella outside. “Do you want some porridge Damien?” “Thank you Stella, I’m okay”. A moment later again, I’ve finished eating my first part of energy and I’m ready to go. I thank everybody for their invitation and the original time I had and didn’t expect yesterday. It was an experience I won’t forget! Bye bye!


And I hit the road again :-) I don’t yet when I will start coming back to Cairns but now, at least, I would like to visit Daintree and the rain forest. I’m repeating myself I know but then I will go or not to cape Tribulation.

This is Daintree :-) This first part wasn’t the most interesting part and I saw the river once only (and I didn’t take a picture) But in any case, I will have to come back by the same road to join the cape Otto go towards Maternal which is the loop I’ve planned to do at the beginning.

Ah yes, the crocodiles :-) there is “advertisement” everywhere until the toilets place but I didn’t see any shadow of them! Where are they? I’ve seen a dead snake on the side of the road this morning. It was maybe 2 metres long but dead… it’s not fair… ;-)

Daintree is more a business place than a village to visit. There is two restaurants and an information center about every tour to do around. They propose some boat tour to see crocodiles but I’m not rich now…

I took many fliers and I’m now thinking about where to go. Cape tribulation or not? Yes? No? OK, yes. Rah no. Hmm yes could be great but I must pay a ferry to cross the Daintree river (4$). And the road after the cape is a gravel one with steep slopes. If I go. I don’t want to come back by the same way. But there is only one way… OK no, I’m going back now.

I’m confused…

Roh, at least I can go to the cape. It looks beautiful! I don’t want to miss that. And the road is sealed until the cape tribulation. And I will take a ferry, it’s fun :-) OK yes :-D

I’ve got the same 10km to ride back to the fork and them turn left direction the ferry and the cape. This is the famous Daintree river! This time I took the chance to have a picture of it :-)

Daintree rainforest river cruise. That’s the main purpose of all those shops. And one more crocodile ;-) actually there is a long queue for the ferry, maybe 30 cars and vans. So, I go to one of the tour reception to ask if I can go directly to the front of the line with my car. The woman look at me and says : “hy, you again :-)”. “Bbb, me? What?” “Ah sorry, I though you were the cyclist who I saw few days ago” “ah, no I’ve never been here before haha :-)”

The woman was really kind and gave me all the information I needed except after the cape tribulation. “After the cape, I let you on your own :-)” hmm, what does that mean? Maybe her job is limited to the cape. Even the map she gave me ends just after the cape. “It’s the best map of the area” she told me. “OK, I take it thanks :-)”.

Yeah! I’m the first one haha and I paid 1$ only for myself and the bike. It’s really cheap even if I will come back tomorrow, cool! I like that :-) The ferry is on the other side of the river, loading cars and passengers.

It’s coming now :-)

I had to wait until all the cars came onto the boat. Now the 2 minutes trip is on the go ;-)

“Le petition train” but floating version haha :-D

I’m on the other side and ready to ride! But before, let’s pass all the cars front of me.

I’ve seen this animal on a website when I was looking for some information about the Bloomfield track (the 4WD track continuing after cape Tribulation). A guy on his blog said those animal are furious and could eat your finger if we try to feed them. They have a kind of natural helmet which allowed them to hit you with their head.

As the woman told me, this road is hilly. The beginning was cool but the last 2 km… Fiou! I’ve stopped in the middle to eat my lunch when a car stopped front of me. A german guy, Neil, comes to me with a smile (I met him 2 days ago when I’ve join the group at Cole beach).

  • Neil : “Hey man, how are you? What are you doing here?”
  • Me : “Hmm I’m looking for a christmas tree. Nooo I’m visiting, like YOU do man! How are you?”
  • Neil : “I’m having a 2 day trip with three beautiful girls”
  • Me : “only? haha :-)” Are you coming back to the Reef backpacker?”
  • Neil : “yes I am”
  • Me : “OK, see you ttheir in one week man”.

Then they continued driving up hill when a moment later, I continued PUSHING my bike up hill… haha.

But I’m on the top of that hill and it’s nice now, yes NOW. And I met 2 cyclists! The first ones in Australia. One is from France and the other guy from here. They line in Melbourne and took 2 weeks of holidays to make a loop around Cairns. In summer, in France, many people come down the “Azure coast” and in Austrlalia, in winter, many people come to Queensland to enjoy the hot weather. In summer the Cape York is close because of the wet season so that why I meet so many people from Melbourne.

The nature :-D

The downhill was excellent and as the woman told me : “after the hill it’s nearly flat”. Yes it is :-D

This is a tea field and I imagine something different, more exotic with people working inside.

An old piece of factory.

And an old engine. There is no information so I don’t know what is it exactly.

I feel so small surrounded by all this nature.

And this is the rainforest but without the rain :-)

Breakpoint! I wanted to buy an icecream in a café but the woman was sooo long (she works at the reception but as a waitrees as well) that I abandonned and took it as a sign. To replace my chocolate’s envy I finished my rotten bread with some chocolate paste. Better than nothing and cheaper! Now, let’s have a look to the beach. Wonderful!

Achtung! Crocodiles! I’m agree but where?

Oooh coconuts :-) I would like to catch one one day and eat it with chocolate! Mmm :-D

Nature style :-)

Break finished, I’m continuing cycling towards the cape.

Stop! Break time again!

Chips! It’s not serious but so delicious!

From the bar there was a sign that indicated a pool. And I saw some people coming back to their car with a towel.

I’ve asked the waiter and I’m now going to swim in this river :-)

During my bath in that fresh water I heard someone says : “Hello Damien”.??? Am I ok? Then I looked where the voice was coming from and I realised it was somebody I met before. Yes it’s the man with who I talked like 1 hour in Port Douglas 2 days ago :-) he is staying in a campsite close to here with his wife. I would like to join them but it’s 30box a night, gloups. And I didn’t booked. Rah! What a shame. They looks really nice and maybe I will meet them again :-)

This is my last stop for today. I’ve found a park next to this beach and I’m have a visit waiting for the night. Then I will come back to eat and pitch my tent.

And what did I found on the ground? A coconut! I don’t know if it’s still good but I’m going to know it :-)

It’s hard but not enough for my good knife :-)

Now it’s clean :-) it’s a long process before opening a coconut. I can hear the liquid inside when I shake it.

Whouaaa, during I was occupied the sky created beautiful colours.

All around :-)

It’s time to cook something and eat. I’m hungry!

Rah! I’ve opened the coconut but it’s rotten. Something like a root grew up inside and the coconut texture is getting jelly… bah, no worries, next time I will find a good one. Good night!

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