Monkey island > Riverton (31km, 2h)

Hey, today is finally sunny and I’m one more time lucky :-) I’m going toward Riverton and I’ve got plenty of time because it’s not too far. I start the day by visiting Colac bay, a nice place where the Simpsons and and… Rah! I’ve forgotten their name. Anyway, they live together in a bus! I didn’t know that.


Tolac bay!


I like this place already :-)

I’ve done 8km but I can’t refuse a short break on that beautiful bench :-)

I’m now close to Riverton.

Even really close!

Buildings are colourful as well.

Ah, that’s the bridge Sally told me about I think.

It’s cute here :-)

The harbour.

This bridge is going to be repair. It’s not good food my pictures… ;-)

I found the place where Sally is living but there is nobody. It’s 12:30 and I’ve got all the afternoon. I will come later.

I like the soft pink colours.

And this new as well.

Warm house.

The fishing is certainly an important business here.

They fish crayfish or something like this because of the cages.

Closer look.

I let the port behind me and continue toward the see.


Maybe they fish whales as well?

Smile :-)

It’s better than the mirror lake near to Milford sound.

Oh yes.

The main street.

I wanted to do something with those fences but I didn’t find the good spot…

One more beautiful sunset.

The main street again.

OK. Like this maybe?

Or like that?

That s easier….




Hello :-)

I was taking my last picture and preparing to go to a place I’ve found this after non when Dene, the Sally’s husband stop with his car next to me : “Are you Damien?” “Hey, yes” “I’m Dene, we are at home now with Sally, you can come when you want. We have seen you this afternoon in Tolac bay” “oh, thanks”

“I’m catch in the last lights of the day and I’m coming”.

Riverton is a cute small city with good people apparently :-)

Last one :-)

I’m in Sally and Dene’s place and they have a great view from here.

I’ve got my own room and towel for the shower. It’s like an hotel here haha :-) They are really king. It’s going to rain for few days and they propose to stay during that period. I will see :-)

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