Middle of nowhere > Cromwell (73km, 4h)

Ouuuh the cloudy day… Hope it won’t turn like yesterday because it rained all the day almost without stopping… We are now going to Cromwell and maybe further. Cromwell is one of the city where it should be possible to find a job.


Between Cromwell and our place, there is Tarras, a really small town with 6 houses maybe.

The style looks like “far west”.

merino, the magic texture. This shop is selling only expensive products but this textile is tough! I have now three T-shirt like this. It’s warm, light and you can were it during 4 or 5 days without smelling bad. It’s good for us because we don’t take showers every days :-)

The road continue and we are now getting closed from Cromwell.

The weather is improving.

There is lot’s of work in vineyard here.

But we prefer sugar!

2l of ice cream, one packet of chocolate biscuits and some sweets :-) hmmm!

Mixed together it’s magic :-) we don’t care, we are pedaling everyday!

The lake of Cromwell is nice but not as beautiful as Pukaki and Tekapo.

We decided to take the road again to find a free campsite play outside of the city.

Between Cromwell and Alexandra, the road is in the gorge like this. It’s rocky and it look dry.

And we think that we found our place for tonight.

It’s between the river and the road by anybody can see us.

OK, let’s unpack our stuff and eat again :-) see ya!

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