Melbourne, day off with Wendy and Peter


After 10 days of cycling, I allowed myself to have two days off! And in the same time, I’m visiting Wendy and Peter at their place in Brooklyn. They proposed me the guest which is a caravan. That’s cool, I like that :-) Today Wendy is working, Peter as well so I’m working too! I’m working on the content of my blog. I’ve finished all the “Step by step” maps since New Zealand and the New Zealand page as well. I’m working on the Australia page which I will finished soon.  And I’ve complete the “Gear” page. I’ve added the menu onto the top when the window is big enough. Finally I’ve corrected few graphic elements here and there. Lots of work done!


Wendy and Peter have a huge amount of grapes in their garden. It’s technically owned by the neighbour but he doesn’t pick them. What a waste! If I could, I would eat as much as possible to waste as less as possible.


And they taste so good :-)


This is my home :-)


Difficult to get a good picture showing inside and outside clearly but you get the idea.


Peter likes old fashion bikes and this one looks cool.


They have two cats, brother and sister and this is Lili. Again, very hard life…


And the brother, Burg? Burb? Burp? I’m not sure of the last letter… He looks happy, I guess ;-)

That’s it for today. I’m just working on my laptop. Tomorrow, Wendy is free and we should have a look around. See ya!

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