Melaka, How to fix a damaged tyre


This is what has done Arjan when we were in Singapore. He has a done a great job! Using thicker thread make the tyre much stronger naturally. The one I’ve used (the grey one we can see underneath) did work for a little while but was going to collapse soon. I’ve been able to cycle until Melaka but I had another problem though. The thread being thicker, the protection I put inside the tyre was not strong enough so I had three punctures along the way between SIngapore and Melaka. The following images will explain better that my poor english ;-)


So, this is how does it look inside. The white stuff is the glue left by the old tape I’ve applied first but did not work. This is how I got many punctures. The inner tube was rubbing against the thread.


That’s the piece of inner tube I’ve found on the road. I’ve cleaned it, cut it the right size and glued (using classic rubber glue) it onto the thread.


To make sure it won’t create news holes, I’ve applied electric tape around the piece to smooth the edges. That way, everything should be fine. I will fit that tyre on the front wheel and will see what happen. I won’t waste this tyre!

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  1. I like the kind of repair. Using recycle item to reduce rubbish.
    I fixed my Crocs sandal with needle and thread again. I’ve been using them for 7 years.

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