Marla > Alice Springs (454km by car)


Today is another great day :-) Well, I’ve got some trouble with my bike but this is not the end of the world though. This is the third day I’m travelling with Neil, Graham, Kate, John and Sue and it has been wonderful so far. We crossed the border from South Australia to the Northern Territory this morning so I’ve been visiting 4 states in Australia until now. From now the rain might be really rare because of the start of the dry season. The last obstacle will be the wind. Neil travelled a lot in Australia from what I’ve heard and he said, each time he drove on the Stuart Highway he got headwind. The adventure goes on :-)



Whoop, we rewind the story from the beginning of the day. We’ve packed everything from the previous night. My bike took is place back on Sue & John’s trailer and we are on the road again. John is leading, following by Kate & Graham (on this picture), then Neil and me. They use radio to communicate between each other which is smart and fun. But the channel they use is not a private one. Any car around 10 to 20km around can participate to their conversation haha. It can be useful as it can be annoying sometimes. The truck drivers have a dedicated channel as well (which anyone can also use if needed) and John said that they swear a lot! I’m pretty sure it’s the same in France :-)


The side view from the desert.


Break time :-) This roadhouse is nice with all this wood around. Having a coffee around the fireplace must be really good!


Back on a road, we are approaching the border. In the last past three weeks, Neil has been in every state in Australia. Yes, he travels a lot!


Of course, there is a rest area to enjoy the “border crossing”. On my right side, South Australia. On my left side, Northern Territory!


Neil adds his last “border picture” to his collection :-)


Hey :-)


The Team!


The desert around.


The flies! They are really aggressive here! This is the first time I experience them and it’s not nice. Fortunately I bought a fli net so if needed later I will put it on.


Back on the road.


The landscape changes about every 10km here. This is really interesting. And this is not progressive.


Suddenly there is trees then short grass then taller trees again.


Then, rocky mountains and trees.


Following by rocky mountains and short grass.


It just changes constantly.


Now we are in a kind of gorge almost.


A camel farm. This is something not common :-)


A closer look.


This is another roadhouse with a campground on the back but we won’t stay there for long. Sue and John are only swapping their seat.


On the road again!


The MacDonnell Range is now on sight wchich means we are not far from Alice Springs now. In fact, the twon is just behind this.


Here we are, Alice Springs!


This is the entrance called “The Gap” that allows car to go through the MacDonnell Range in town. This is a natural gap. The campsite where the Team is going is on the right side, just before The Gap. Tomorrow, I will have to organise myself to go to the bank, the ATO and the bicycle shop to put everything in order. I’ve discovered this morning that my bank account has been hacked and I lost all my money on my check account which was mainly the taxback paid by the ATO few days ago. I must find out what’s the problem! See you tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Marla > Alice Springs (454km by car)

  1. Welcome to the Australian fly!!!!! In your eyes ,up your nose and in your ears all at once .You will develop the Australian salute=constantly waving your hand past your face to brush the flies away.
    Graham and joy

  2. Désert, désert, pas tant que ça ! Pas de dunes, pas de chameaux (du moins je n’en ai pas vu, même si je sais qu’il y en a plein de sauvages, des dromadaires en fait !), des arbres, de l’herbe, des collines ! Désertiques, ou désertées certes, ces étendues sont majestueuses ! Sympa le relais routier !

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