Kerikeri, working weeks

From today I’ll continue writing in English to keep contact with some friends here and, I hope, improve my English as well :-). That’s my super working gears but I forgot wearing the gloves to be complete, rah! sorry ;-)

Edges around the pool house.

Bumper machines.

Edges in the water.

My super gumboots.

Good apple.


So, this week was also a physical week, many things to carry, to pull, to push… We’ve almost finished a part of the outside landscaping and we started the decoration around the pool. I’m going to take some time to shoot some pictures of our work. We are going to plant an long edge, 80 pieces of 50kg maybe. The most difficult part was to put them in the right order because they were growing in a specific order at the nursery.
Finally we did it yesterday and it looks good ouf! Ah! And I have a little story for this week:-). I was going to brush my teeth (very interesting I know) and I kept my tent opened. I came back 5 minutes later and as I enter in it, I heard a noise. What’s that? I turned on my light and discover a big rat, or a rabbit. In fact, it was a possum, right on my sleeping bag and certainly more afroad than me, or maybe not… I went outside, on the other and of the tent to shake it and the possum left it, arf! I’ve hope it didn’t pee onto my sleeping bag but, no that was ok… Until I saw my bread. It was eating my bread through the plastic bag! Bloody possum! Now, I know I have paying attention to my food because this animal is going to come back at anytime. I hadn’t the reflex to take a picture but next time possum, you are going to be flash! New zealand is a very dangerous country haha :-)

11 thoughts on “Kerikeri, working weeks

  1. Hello !

    You’re writing in english, Great !! So, Mummy is with me right now :-) and we have a question: what are you planting on the edge ? We are waiting for your pictures.
    Ah, you’ve found a new pet for your big house ! You should put the food outside the tent so that it could eat and shoot it with big flash haha !!
    So we hope your work is great and that your have fun every days and for the weekend. Are you riding your bicycles in mountains sometimes to practice ?
    Have a good night héhé !

    Mummy and Max.

  2. hello damien
    good luck for your adventure. you are the king
    fais gaffe la prochaine fois que la bête ne soit pas plus grosse.
    j’ai essayé un peu l’anglais mais c’est pas mon truc.
    Mika m’a traduit ce que je ne comprenais pas, mais dans l’ensemble j’avais bien interprété.
    bisous à toi

  3. hello Dam!
    it’s fun to read you in english and i’ll try to answer in the same language !!!
    but have you think to our poor Mamie Anne Marie ;( she don’t speak enghish!!!
    today, it’s autumn in Sauvage ! 12° brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    5 days ago, there was 35° :) :)
    take care of you!!! good day and big kiss :D

  4. Hello hello :-) I’ll write soon! Today is my last working day. Finally I worked one week more and all the last weekend as well, fiou ! I’m going to move in five day to Cap Reinga haha :-).
    Traduction pour papimami :
    J’écrirai bientot. Aujourd’hui est mon dernier jour de travail. Finalement j’ai travaillé une semaine de plus et même tout le week-end dernier. Je vais quitter le camping dans 5 jours pour Cap Reinga haha :-).

    See you soon
    À bientot

    En anglais Sarah en anglais :-) je suis sur que tu parles bien en plus. Bonjour à Colikong :-)

  5. hello Dam!!
    you must have big arms now ;D
    a little bit of bicycle for your legs and you’ll be an Apollon ;)
    big kiss =)

  6. moi je suis pour la double traduction : french english !! ;-)

    et je veux bien que tu m’en ramène un à moi un Possum !!! lol tu crois qu’il se plairait à Meudon ?? c’est beau comme bête ça même si ça te manges ta bouffe? ou c’est une bête moche??? tu crois qu’on peut le dresser? si c’est le cas tu en dresses un pour t’aider à faire tes courses et même à faire tes plantations , ça pourrait être pas mal heyhey ;-p

  7. My god, what a mud ! it’s difficult to imagine result at the end of the garden site !
    Hey ! You’ll can wash your hand to eat !! lol.

  8. Euuuh a possum it looks like between a rat and a rabbit. The shape of the rat and the size of the rabbit. I not sure you’ll like it…;-) I will have a picture once sure!

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