Kediri, visit of an old church with Maria and Rza


I’ve been staying with Maria a week one and decided yesterday that I will continue cycling tomorrow. Today is my last day in Kediri and we went together visiting an old Catholic church. Normally I would not take any pictures because I feel uncomfortable about religion but this place is different from what we have in France. Actually I did not take any pictures of the church itself, only the surrounding.


This place is used to prey. They is also a kind of fountain where people come to get some water. They can buy containers in the souvenir village just next door.


The whole place.




I’m walking with Rza on a walk who described through steps like this one the day when Jesus was crucified.


Unfortunately it’s not real gold.


I would take a sample if it was. Naaaah, just kidding.


We comes back to the “souvenir village”.


Two dog are bargaining a shoe.


“This is mine”. “Grr, no! This is mine!”. Actually the smaller one had the control for a while until the white dog won.


Looots of stuff to buy here and it’s nooot for me.


That place is a hall where they certainly organise some event sometimes. The roof has an I testing shape. The tiles lay down on a metallic grating which gives the roof this curvy shape.


Around there is lots of colourful old tombstone.


We approach the end.


Maria stopped one more time. She bought lots of food already and look for something else.


Something like this… No sorry and certainly funny but this is absolutely not my style. I prefer my helmet. I all those hats are too small for my big white head anyway (fortunately).


Let’s go back to Maria’s home. Tomorrow I will be cycling again :-) and I will have to be quick! I’ve got 3 weeks left to reach Dumai in Sumatra.

2 thoughts on “Kediri, visit of an old church with Maria and Rza

  1. Que de découvertes. Le chemin de croix est original, plus bling bling que chez nous, mais c’est normal chez les asiatiques. Non, la chéchia pas terrible en effet, je préfère ton foulard de touareg ! Architecture moderne et stupéfiante, surtout le cimetière !

  2. Interesting buildings. The wavy roof looks a bit scary… looks like it will collapse in a second.
    Christian people are minority? The church looks very different.(It looks like a big thong on the top of the cave…sorry)

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