Ayer Hitam, Chinese temple > Kampung Sungai Sudah Muar, Chinese temple (57km)


Today we are going to reach the west coast. This time, this is Pee Ta’s bicycle that needs to be repaired, the chain was twisted and she had to changed it. She was very lucky because the bicycle shop owner repaired her bike for free! Later on we stopped along the road to have a fresh sugar juice. Then we kept going until Muar where we stopped at the same place where I’ve been on my way down to Singapore a month ago. Finally we reached another chinese temple and stayed there for the night.



Yesterday night, the owner of this temple insistated to give us food. First we said that we did not need. Then he kept asking “What do you want?. Ok, Isaid “fruits would be good”. He left the place, very happay that finally someone would ask for something. 30 minutes later he came back with a huge water melon and bananas. And he kept asking if we needed more food. Kate explained that she was vegeterian because he was ready yo buy a chicken or something similar. He left the place again and we were occupied pitching up our campsite for the night. He came back again with some bread, some butter, eggs, cucumbers, and 5 kilo of rice! Do you realise we are cycling?! haha I think he doesn’t :-) Well, finally we decided that we would cook this morning and make some sandwich for lunch. This morning we woke at 6am to have the time to do everything. We have planned again to start very early but that won’t be today again. Tomorrow maybe :-)


The kitchen and the shower share the same water reservoir of cold water.


That’s the toilets.


The view from the temple. This is very hazy this morning.


Yes very hazy…


We have been cycling for little while until we stopped for brunch. I’ve been looking for a bicycle shop because Pee Ta had a twisted chain this morning. At that time we met someone who really want to help us. He nearly woke up someone to open his shop. The guy put a new chain but I was worried about that. To me this new chain was too thick. I was not surprised when we started cycle again that Pee Ta’s bike did a “click-click-click” sound. That chain was definitely the wrong one. So we stopped again in that shop and the guy put a new adapted chain that worked perfectly.


Later on, we stopped a stand along the road to have a nice sugar cane juice. I was really surprised to see how much liquid there is per bit.

   Even better in video.


And we stopped again, at the same place where I’ve been before. I don’t take much picture along the way because if I stop everyone stop. So I keep cycling…


We left Muar and stopped again to a petrol station to have a shower in the toilets. After that we will find a place where to eat and a spot where to sleep.


We came for dinner to a place where I’ve already been to during my trip towards Singapore. I’ve expected to come back to the place where I’ve slept as well because it was a nice one. But Arjan and Kate saw a chinese temple next door so they asked if we could stay here for the nice. It’s next to the road and quickly the neighbours informed us about something…


Tonight, there is a karaoke party in that hangar over there… They said it would be finished around 11pm. Ouch! I wanted to sleep…


For now there is not much people in there but I presume more people are coming. Eve if I like singing, they only have chinese songs…


Kids are training and should train a bit more because this is far to be perfect haha :-)

  Live!  This is it for today. Hope the Karaoke thing won’t last too long. At least, I hope people know how to sing…

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  1. Ça alors je suis surprise que l’on puisse faire du jus avec une canne à sucre. Ça à l’air plutôt sec sur pied ! Et ça a quel goût ?

  2. The shower and the toilet are too challenging for me.
    Sugar cane juice is nice isn’t it! I used to get it sometimes at Rusty’s market.

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