Glen Murray > Auckland international airport! (86km, 5h)

This is the day :-D The day that close my loop around NZ. Whoua, I did it :-) Fiou! This afternoon I will see the place where I first came to assemble my bike and start pedalling in this country. It’s today! I don’t realise yet…


Since this morning, every kilometre I do bring more and more cars on the road. The road is getting bigger, larger and crowded. I’ve stopped in a market place because I’m looking for a new SD-card reader. The one I bought in Wellington is already broken but I think I wrote it the story already.

I didn’t find any reader that I could trust. This time, even if I have to spend 30 box, I want something good. Let’s continue but not on the main road please. It’s noisy and I can’t breath.

Welcome to Auckland airport! I wanted to stop before but I was like attracted by the place :-D

In 6 days I will be in a plane towards Cairns!

A plane is actually coming from the right hand side. Yes, I know, it’s an airport …

Here! Not exactly the place where I started from but here! It’s done :-)

The international airport of Auckland for the second time :-)

6 days left.

Because I want to be organised I’ve paid my bicycle box and filled already the papers with my personal infos that I will but on every luggages. I know the place where I have to go and that’s it, all is ready.
Now I must find a place where to sleep. Tomorrow is going to rain so I should find a good one. See ya :-)

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