Glebe, Another street art Tour with Wendy


Today we are walking around a new Sydney suburb, Glebe. There is lots a street art to watch and some of them has noticeable thematic.


The asian’s kids theme.


I’m trying to focus on something else than street art as well like these houses are apparently quite old because they still have the toilets in their garden.


This one doesn’t look like finish. I should come back next week to see the evolution :-)


The Lego theme!


We turn around the property and the toilets.


I like this one on a dark background with the white strokes. Original.


Event the entire wall is really flashy and colourful. This pieces is certainly fresh.


There is lost of houses sticked next to each other here and they have all the same design.


Another shot.


Respect, this is my word! ;-)


Yes it’s autumn here now and it’s slightly cold during the evening sometimes.


The wolf theme with that dark background again.


hum, this one was certainly painted by the same artist who did the one below from Newtown.


This one :-) Remember?


And we now come back home. This place is Victoria pack. There is also a swimming pool where I went once until now. When I will have a job, I’ll train every week!


Come back to Newtown, the landscape is clearly different. Posters, stickers, Street art and Graffs are everywhere.


close up.

6 thoughts on “Glebe, Another street art Tour with Wendy

  1. On imagine pas d’aussi vieilles bicoques à Sydney ! La plupart des images montrent le célèbre pont, l’opéra et des grattes ciel qui semblent flambant neufs. Merci Damien de nous montrer la réalité !

  2. The skull on the grey wall is artistic, even I don’t like skulls.
    Cities have very different energies compare to country Cairns.
    It’s nice to see them sometimes.

  3. Hey copain Topin !

    Ah ce que je vois ton voyage se passe toujours aussi bien ! Tu recherches du travail sur Sydney ?
    Ou tu vas continuer ta route ?

    Bisous l’ami ! Take care !

  4. Coucou Damien
    Un petit bonjour du sud ou le soleil se fait rare en ce moment. J’espère que tout va bien pour toi et que tu as retrouvé du travail pour continuer ton voyage. On suit toujours tes aventures avec plaisir. Tu es dans le monde l’art en ce moment. C’est vraiment beau tous ces dessins que tu nous montre. Bonne continuation à toi. Bisous

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