Freshwater, Motorbike competition

Today, Sunday, Martin proposed to have a look to a “motor park” where a kind of competition is running. Marco would prefer to ride but it’s not for today :-)

Everybody is ready and soon the angry noisy riders will compete against each other.

Pss Marco, look, on your right side there is a motorbike waiting for you. Take it! haha

There Is some big jump and even if they are not professionals it’s already impressive. But noisy…


Noisy video!

Suddenly something changed. Like “Mario kart” somebody picked a special power and everybody is small!

Yes look!

Ziiii youuuU!

Poor guy haha ;-)

Then, later this afternoon, we went play badminton. It was good fun but after one hour and a half I felt so hot! And like everytime when I remember it’s only winter I couldn’t imagine going to that same place in summer… see ya!

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