Freshwater > Macrossan River campsite (480km, 6h)

Hi, this is the day. After two month spend in Cairns with Martin, Yoko and Marco I’m finally leaving. I didn’t find any farm job around so I decided to rent a car until Brisbane and then cycle again to find this bloody work!
Bye bye and thank you very VERY much for you kindness :-D I will see you in 6 months :-)


This morning I went to get my car to the Apollo Office and the guy, a French, explained me why Australian people doesn’t like us. Last week, young French guys from Marseille wanted to fight against their agency because they didn’t have enough money to pay the rent… crazy!
He also said that in Sydney some French (certainly drunk) people painted a statue. Why? Why are you so silly guys? And now I understand much better why nobody called me back…

Ok, I know it’s not good to take picture when I’m driving. I prefer cycling because I can stop almost anywhere.

2 hours later, a first break. A couple working for the government offer tea/coffee and cookies for drivers. Nice :-)

The cities here are flat, very flat…

I’m actually travelling alobg the ocean but after Townsville I’m gonna drive inland because in 6 months I will go back to Cairns along the coast road. I don’t want to spoil myself :-)

And maybe those works will be finished and I could take a better picture than this… ;-)

Nice view (without the cone)

I don’t even remember in wich city I am but it’s nice. Not better than Cairns but it’s nice.

Let’s continue :-)

It’s around 6pm and I’ve reach a free campsite with toilets and shower, just what I need.

Nice sunset.

And it’s already getting dark. Eating and sleeping. I would like to update my blog but the internet connection is very slow…
I met a guy this evening in the campsite. He is from Ireland and told me as well that French has a very bad reputation here. He lives in Australia since 30 years and he never seen something like that before. New fu***** French generation! Useless! Yes I’m angry.

3 thoughts on “Freshwater > Macrossan River campsite (480km, 6h)

  1. Hey! I can see some photos!!!
    I feel sorry for you about the French reputations.

    The house feels so boring after you left.
    Marco already worries about your return, he said that ‘What if he found another family and never come back…’

    The free camp site looks good and empty.
    Lucky for you!

  2. Hi Damien good on you! up grading your bike to a car, your progressing aha! :-). Reading your comment, wow don’t get angry don’t ruin your trip because of those people that doesn’t care,You are a good person,no doubt about that, Hope you can land a job.:-) Good luck!

  3. Coucou Damien ! Ça y est, te voilà reparti pour l’aventure. Enfin, avec cette voiture c’est déjà moins épique. Et tu peux dormir dedans ? Je vois qu’il y a une porte pour entrer à l’intérieur! C’est un mini camping car non ? Ah là là, je comprends ta colère! Satanés français, toujours à vouloir se faire remarquer pour leurs caractères frondeurs et belliqueux. Ne te laisse pas faire toi! Dis leur bien, à tous ces gens que tu rencontres qu’ils ne sont pas tous comme ça, que toi, tu n’es pas comme ça ! Tu es la bonne image de la France à l’étranger Damiano, nous comptons sur toi pour la défendre ! Lol. Bon, allez t’en fais, quand tes futurs employeurs te verront, ils changeront d’avis, j’en suis sûre ! Gros bisous et courage !

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