Freshwater > Kuranda (return) with Zackari and Marco


Today we are going with Zackari and Marco to see Miyuki and then “coconut Paul”. We call it like this because there is three Paul around and this Paul is working with coconuts, easy :-) I didn’t took any pictures of Miyuki’s place and I don’t know why. She’s got a nice place around Kuranda where everything is made environmentally. She has a 5 starts compost toilet outside of the house :-) We worked a bit around the property and then we moved together to Paul’s place who live 3 minutes from here.


On the left hand side we can see a looong plant with many small flowers. Maybe Zackary could help me to remember the name because I don’t… black something?

Paul let us taste it because it’s eatable apparently. So Marco use his mum as a ladder. You are strong Zackary!


Marco climbing the “training” coconut tree. In fact, there is kind of stairs that Paul made to access easily to the top.


wow, it’s full of coconut! I want to try to catch one.


Of course, Paul showed us how to climb and it’s much easier to see him than to do it!


Fiou! I’m sliding down!


Almost there but it’s hard!


Aaah Yes! one! and one only hahaa


Now it’s the time to open this coconut. Firstly, there is the outside layer. This part drain the water in and let grown the coconut in security, I think…


Paul gives Marco tips to make the job easier and for Marco to keep his two hands :-)


Come on! Almost! You can do it, of course ;-)
Then I opened mine and Zackari hers and we drank the delicious juice because eating the delicious jelly. So good! Thanks Paul!

2 thoughts on “Freshwater > Kuranda (return) with Zackari and Marco

  1. Et voilà Damien. Tu as fait la démonstration qui prouve que l’homme descend du singe. Et le singe descend de l’arbre …bien plus facilement! D’ailleurs il est fort dommage que les photos n’aient pas immortalisé ton retour à la terre ferme !

  2. Yes, I remember this day!
    Make me laugh again watching the climbing photos!
    It was so hard wasn’t it! I could only go up about 1 m.

    The plant name is “Black Boy”.

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