Featherston > Wellington (50km, 3h)

Today for the first time I’m going to take the train. In fact, between Featherston and Upper Hurt stands a big hill (600m). The road is narrow, in a windy gorge with many cars. Different people advised me to catch the train so, yes, I will. And it’s change, I like that :-) At 7am, it’s maybe a good time to cross the road but be careful okay?.


That’s it, I’m on the other side of the mountain and continuing toward Wellington. I found a track along the main road, it’s much more comfortable.

But this king of checkpoint are not for me… I have to take down my trailer and cross the door separately. I hope there isn’t this passage so often.

OK, let’s continue.

It’s nice because the path is along the river and the sun is here.

Hey, that’s the kind of train I’ve catch this morning. Really small.

I’m now in Petone, Wellington is front of me. All this area is called “Wellington harbour”

So sunny and there anybody on the beach.

A break, why not :-)

Nice :-)

The bicycle track is situated just between the road and the railway, noisy!

I’m getting closer.

But where are the people?

And it’s the capital…

Cool place, I think Wellington is warmer than Auckland.

It’s more active on this place.

Cute little houses.

I’m not far from the backpacker where my Napier’s friend are. But this house has a strange look. So many small windows!

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  1. Damien! joachim m’a filé l’adresse de ton blog, excellent photos, excellent trip, excellent guy and hopefully an excellent adventure! enjoy, bisou de londres

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