Driving to Woolgoolga with Robin and Mark


Hello, today I’m leaving Sydney with Rob and her brother. We are going to Woolgoolga, Robin to see her dad and me to visit John! It has been a year when every time John has seen Robin, he asked her “when is damien is coming up with you?”. I was working John, and now I’m not anymore so here I am :-)

Along the way, we stopped 4 times I think. I drove most of the time because Robin has done that so many times and I like driving.


After something like 6-8 hours drive we just arrive in Woolgoolga. Because Robin’s father lives two houses away from John’s house I don’t have to walk too far.


This time I’m not sleeping in the garden. I have the pleasure to sleep in a bed, a real one haha :-) John few things for me to do and I help around for Christmas as well. It’s like wwoofing and I like that. See ya :-)

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