Cooma > Jindabyne (66km, 3h40)

Today is a great day. Day of mistake following by luck. In fact, I missed my road and when I realized I continued on it because the wind was pushing me. And when I’ve done my first break, I’ve met 3 other cyclists like me! This is full on :-)


Everyone has left already and left me alone in there house. it’s 9h30 and I’ve been eating slowly, waiting for the sun to come up and warm the town a bit. I had a enjoyable rest yesterday and I’m ready to travel towards Bombala today.

This is 8 degrees, I need to move!

Cooma in the morning. I’ve been to the supermarket to buy a bit more food and I’m now ready yo go.

Some old buildings.

Buy Cooma!

Here I am again. Do I try to cycle up this time? It says there is a lookout. Might be good :-)

Few! That was hard but I almost made it! This is the famous Austrian restaurant behind me and the lookout is a bit higher.

The restaurant, nice style :-)

The restaurant’s view. Cooma looks far, far away.

This is a nice place but it’s still close.

And this is the top!

It looks promising.

Ah yeah, very nice scenery view :-)

Wide view.

And there is another south lookout as well. Let’s see that.


Wide view.

Super wide view!

This is were I’m heading today (I think).

Okay so, Berridale 26km, Jindabyne 54km, …. Jindabyne?! Hey but this is not the road I should take! I’m going west now but I should be cycling south… Rah! Well, I’ve got tail wind and I’ve done about 10km already. I hesitated to visit Jindabyne so let’s do it now. This is destiny I guess :-)

The landscape is really dry, rocky and empty but I’ve got tail wind so I’m happy :-)

2h and 40km later, I’m now in Berrydale where I’m going to have a break in this park.

As soon as I sat on one of the bench, two other cyclist came from the of side. Alain (70) and Jean (66). Those guys are cycling since 13 days now. They come from Bendigo and will finish their trip in Canberra. I just say wow! Good on you guys! You might think, there is three guys on this picture. Yes! 10 minutes later again, Akihiko (42) from Japan joined us. He is coming from Canberra and want’s to cycle up to the Kosciuszko summit which is the higher mountain in Australia. Jindabyne is on his way so I might follow him today :-)

So we are 4 travellers, having a nice break together. Alain and Jean are fun and full of energy. In order: Alain, Akihiko and Jean. Jean has a trailer like me and Alain a classic touring setup. Akihiko is traveller for 3 or 4 days so he has a very light setup. The first thing Jean told me when he came was “Hey, if we let our trailers together for the night we might end up with millions of them!”. Ahhaha what an idea Jean! :-D

After that really nice break, Jean and Alain continue their trip to Canberra. Akihiko left already but I will catch him up in Jindabyne later today.

The road towards Jindabyne is hilly and I’m now over 1080m in altitude.

Nice downhill!

I’m now cycling with Akihiko and we have reach the lake. Jindabyne is getting closer.

A shot that I cannot do by myself normally ;-)

The Jindabyne dam.

This is it! I let Akihiko going to his hotel and I’m looking for a spot for the night.

Grass, water and wide view, this is what I like.

My meal for today: pasta, green powder, curry paste, nuts and miso soup. I’ve just mixed everything :-)

It now the right time to setup my camp. I’ve got the spot in my mind.

Isn’t a good one. The view is also very good! good night :-)

Tomorrow, I will meet Akihiko in the town because I decided to go with him to the summit of Australia. I’m so close to it, I can’t miss it! I will hide my trailer somewhere and be ready for 100km return!

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  1. Au fait, ta tente est-elle étanche ? C’est rigolo non de rencontrer des gens de tous les pays ! Mamie vient de rajouter : ” et surtout des jeunes barbus !!”

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