Clyde, first day off after 12 working days

Fiou! Finally, after 12 days non stop, we have a day off. Those weeks was intense and I didn’t have the time and the energy to come back in Alexandra and pay to get internet. We should have less work the next week and more time to enjoy. I’m working in the cold store almost since the beginning. We are packing peaches on pallet during more or less 8 hours a day. The temperature is between 2 and 5 degrees but to re heat a bit this place we have good sound system and music :-)

This pack house has a particularity : they product the Flatto peach. It’s a peach but flat and the taste should be better than a normal peach but I can’t really feel the difference… Those green boxes are going to be exported in Europe, so far away!

Pallet, peaches, pallet, peaches

Each box : 10 kilos

The Flatto peach :-)

We are almost in the last part of the chain. Before some boxes are weighed and verified and then they come inside by this roll.

That’s the big machine to separate the fruits by size.

And this is the machine which put a little annoying sticker onto every peach.

Now we are happy because we have a kitchen, an oven and everything to cook.

I’ve cook some pasta mixed with veggies. Then, I put that in the oven with cheese onto the top. Hmmm :-)

And naturally, one oven = bread :-)

Every day we finish around 4:30 but every shop close at this time as well. We just take time and relax in the campsite, playing guitar, juggling, reading, etc… On day we’ve seen with Leo that our neighbour was massing his dog. This dog, Shelby, is really kind and wants playing every time.

That’s a good place here. There is nothing, just grass and horrible toilets but fortunately we can use the accommodation of the pack house for free : toilets, hot shower, kitchen, tables. It’s perfect :-)

2 thoughts on “Clyde, first day off after 12 working days

  1. Happy birthday buddy!

    Happy to see you with a job! And of course oven = bread for us too! Aqua lodge forever!
    We finish our wwoofing at palmerston north and we will do a tongariro crossing on tuesday just before our departure to Australia on friday!!
    Enjoy a rest of your trip in NZ and travel safe my friend! We hope see you in France or somewhere else!!

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