Clyde > Alexandra, looking for a job

This morning we are having a look around the campsite and visit the different orchards. We are at the beginning of the peach and nectarines season so we should find something soon. We hope. So, let’s start with McIntosh orchard. The guy looks serious and the place as well. In two days, some students are going to come back to school. We will come back later…

Panmure Orchard. They told us that on Sunday, they will check if they need more people or not. OK, we will come back later…

Summer fruit. This is the biggest company of the place and they don’t need anybody now. OK, good bye.

Forest Orchard. The boss told us to come back on Monday because they don’t know yet about the job. OK, we will come back later… We are four but he has now a place for one person.

In Alexandra, there is seasonal solution, a company which help you finding a job. I don’t know why, I don’t trust them… We will see :-)

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