Clyde > Alexandra (26km, 1h45)

Today we wake up early to see all the company around. We spoke to few company and they might need people next week :-) It’s good for us, we have to keep contact now.


We are 4 because David decided to continue travelling. He told us that he didn’t really need money and was lazy to search… OK, as you want man.

We finally found the river track between Clyde and Alexandra :-)


It s beautiful and there is no cars here!

The river :-)

It’s not too hot underneath the trees.

PFF! Why I’m not like happy… I can’t smile…

Charlotte on a bridge.

It’s the end of the track. This is Alexendra city centre on the other side of the river.

Like everywhere, there is not so many people in the streets.

We have a problem with this city. We just came out from the i-site and there is no free WiFi here, no McDonald’s. We have to pay, rah!

At least, there is a big peace of grass where we can picnic and be lazy before the work starts. See ya :-)

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